Since our permaculture event, quite a few things happened:Planting:
We planted 35 trees and herbals. Some of the trees are soil fixer,
some nitrogen fixer, some will make shade for next year.Shading:
We create a shade construction to keep trees alive during next months
and to protect the family house from sun. Because the next months will
be very hot in the Jordan Valley – sometimes more than 50 degrees!
The shade construction is made out of recycling stuff like old coffee
bags, wooden beam from old houses.

Grey water:
Right now we are working with the grey water system. We have finished
50 per cent.

We collect water from two toilets and one kitchen. Around 60 per cent
of input water of the whole house is used as grey water.

The Grey water system is still under construction. Right now it has to
be done manually to feet the trees. In the future it shall be
converted into automatic – it shall run totally by itself.

Further Plans:
We prepare to plant some fruit trees this September because then it is
the season: for example orange, lemon and guava.

In addition, we are going to plant some vegetables like tomatoes,
pepper, garlic and onions.

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