The Mudbrick House becomes Cosy

First of all four volunteers cleaned up the old Mudbrick House within two hours. Several layers were put on the walls and on the top of the house in order to protect it from rain and sun. A third layer for the roof is now in process.If this is done, a pipe system will be constructed in order to catch the roof water and use it in the garden.

After the layers, doors and windows were installed as well. One room was already furnished with about 10 mattresses and other carpets. As a result one of the two rooms is ready to provide room for 20 to 25 people in form of presentations or workshops. The usage of the room is at the moment mainly focused on events, not overstays.

The second room can be used for Eco Tourism, but has to be furnitured yet. The facilities as toilets and shower are not ready yet. William started work on the toilet area next to the Mudbrick House. Another problem to be solved is electricity in the rooms. As long as bathroom and kitchen is not provided for the guests yet, those facilities will be shared with the family.

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