Directions from Amman to NEA by car

Duration: about 1.5 hours (don’t trust Google Maps! It will say about 5 hours, but it’s wrong!)

Follow the signs to the Dead Sea.

As soon as you are in the Jordan Valley, turn left (South) onto the road 65. You will now be driving parallel to the Dead Sea.

There is a checkpoint at the South coast of the Dead Sea – if you’re coming from Amman, it will be at the end of the Dead Sea (however, the checkpoint is not used anymore).

Now you’re almost there; on the right, look out for a blue sign that says Ghor Haditha.

You can see some houses on the hills.

There is a bridge with small yellow-black columns.

There is a mosque on the left, then directly to the right, a blue sign: Ghor Mazra’a. Now you’re really close!

On the left, there is a pharmacy and shops.

You cross a second bridge with small yellow-black columns.

You can see many shops along the street and a wider space (a bus station) a bit further on the right side.

On the left side, there is a sign for Ibn Al-Bashar Markets.

On the right side, look for a big yellow sign in Arabic:

Right after this sign, there is a blue sign showing the direction to Aqaba and Ghawr As Safi.

On the left side there are two workshop for cars: first a white one with green / turquoise doors, then a yellow-green one. There is a street between those two workshops. Take this street. The first building on the left is the Al Numeira Environmental Association. It is currently under construction, and you will see that an additional floor is being built.
You are there!

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