Directions from Aqaba to NEA

Duration: about 2 hours

The following directions can be also used if you are coming from Wadi Rum or Petra – even a bit from Karak. You must simply find road 65.

Drive all the way on road 65 to the North of Jordan – road 65 is the road parallel to the border to Israel / West Bank, that links Aqaba to Amman.

You pass a salt lake at Ghor Fifa.

You pass Ghor Safi (still the salt lake on your left).

Short after the Salt Lake, you come into Ghor Mazra’a – there will be a sign, both in English and Arabic.

Now pay attention:
After short time, you can find on the right side two workshop for cars. First a yellow-green one, then a white one with green / turquoise doors. There is a street between those two workshops. Take this street. The first building on the left is the Al Numeira Environmental Association. It is right now under construction, you will see that an additional floor is built.

By the way, after those two workshops, on road 65 there is a yellow sign on the left. It is written in Arabic: مسجد
If you passed this sign, you are already too far. Turn around and look for the workshops again.


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