Directions from Queen Alia International Airport to NEA

Duration: about 3 hours

From the airport you have two options: you can either take a taxi directly to the center or take public buses.

The taxi is faster and more direct, but expensive – you should pay something around 25 JD. If you choose this option, tell the driver to bring you to Ghor al-Mazraa. Once there, read the instructions below.

Taking the buses will take more time, but will be cheaper – around 10 JD. You will also have more of a chance to interact with the locals!

From the airport there are buses (company bus name is Sariyah) that go to Amman almost every hour, although they run less frequently in the late hours of the night.  A ride costs 3.25 JD and lasts about 40 minutes. Tell the driver that you are interested in going near (kareeb)  the south station (mujamma al-janoob), and he’ll drop you on the main road south of Amman.
From there, hail a taxi. Taxies are everywhere in Amman, and they will honk at you when passing: if you’re interested stick out your hand.  Tell the driver to take you to the south station, they usually speak at least a bit of English. The ride should last something like ten minutes or less, and you should pay 3 JD or less.

When you get to the south station, you will see a lot of buses: you will have to ask around for which one goes to Ghor Al Mazraa. Or if you read Arabic, you can look for the words غور الصافي on each bus.  The bus ride will cost around 2 JD and last 2 hours or less. One thing to note is that these buses usually wait at the station until they’re full before leaving, so you could end up waiting a bit at the station. You can use this time to chat with the other passengers – they are usually friendly and curious about travellers.

Once the bus leaves, you can enjoy the scenery – just keep an eye on the signs (most are written both in Arabic and English). Once you see a sign for Ghor Al Hadith, start paying attention, Ghor Al Mazraa is the next town (there will be signs).

As you enter Ghor Al Mazraa, you might also catch a glimpse of the future Al Numeira administration building, which is light blue and has ‘Numeira’ written on it in big letters. This is NOT where you get off the bus — you will continue riding for another 4 to 5 minutes.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bus stops exactly where you tell the driver to. After passing many of the shops and restaurants of Ghor Al Mazraa, you’ll see a bright yellow sign with the following word:


This is when you ask the driver to stop! From this point it’s just five minutes by foot. Right after this sign, there is a blue sign showing the direction to Aqaba and Ghawr As Safi, and to the left is the road you take to Al Numeira.

On the left side there are two workshop for cars: the first is white with green / turquoise doors, and the second is painted yellow and green. There is a street between the two workshops. Take this street. The first building on the left is the Al Numeira Environmental Association. It is currently under construction, and you will see that an additional floor is being built.
You are there!

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