Guests for the week-end

This week-end we hosted some friends. We spent the night of their arrival camping on the sea: narghile, tea, fun. Being lulled to sleep by the rythmic waves while looking at the stars – a really good time.

The Dead Sea.
Disbanding the camp.

The morning after we went hiking on the Wadi Wada’a. A truly unique experience – walking in the water while being surrounded by wonderful vegetations, and fooling around in the springs. And the scenery! For more pictures check out this post, also reachable from our gallery.

The Wadi.
It’s really a wonderful place.
Our heroes, about to be crushed by a huge boulder!
William under a waterfall, looking like a ghost.
We and our guests at a hot spring, with some children on the background.

Back at the center, our guests gave us a precious gift – organic seeds of many different vegetables and fruits. We collected them  all in separate containers, and we will plant them in the appropriate seasons. The future of the NEA will be full of home-grown food, with the hope that our exemple will be followed by every household around us.

The seeds.
Putting them in the containers.
Ready to be planted.

We then went to a meeting with some local women for a future project – but this is a matter for a different post.

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