Working on the greywater system

These days we have been working on our greywater system, making some changes.

Our system is made so that the pipes containing the greywater from kitchens and showers go to some wells in our main garden, bringing water to the soil.

The old system had a pipe coming out from the main kitchen that lead to some water tanks. These tanks worked as water cleaners – linking this tanks together, dirt and residuals remained in the first onest and the last ones would contain clean water. This water was then brought to the wells by some underground pipes. The problem with this system was that the pipes from the kitchen were always directly exposed to the sun, so after two years they were in a bad state. Also, five tanks for cleaning the water from a kitchen is too much – those resources could have been spent in a better way.

That is why we decided to skip the cleaning tanks: we layed two new underground pipes, leading directly from the kitchen to the wells number 1 and 2. This new system is more direct, and we will now be using the tanks on the roof as water storage, for catching rainfalls.

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