Busy times at the Al Numeira Environmental Association


It’s been a while since we’ve posted here, but we have been busy! So – what have we been up to??As you can see in the picture above the guys have been working hard on new an additional grey water pipe in the garden and we had a downpour of rain the other day which allowed us to see some of our previous rain harvesting systems in action!

Rain Harvesting at the local Primary school Project
After the recent strong rains we visited the local primary school to see what affect the rain had had and how the project gardens where going. We were very pleased that the gardens are in great shape as you can see below and managed to map out some additional areas to harvest rain from.

20121114-160706.jpg 20121114-160906.jpg
Channeling grey water to the Vegetable Garden
We also recently completed installing a pipe to utilise the grey water from the outdoor sink for the garden. The goal here is to re-use as much water as possible so that nothing goes to waste and the garden is continually watered. For more details on grey water and how to set up a grey water system you can see our grey water page.

Meeting with the local women’s community
We recently met with some local women to talk about and plan how they could be involved in eco-tourism projects. The women are keen to participate by cooking traditional food for visitors to the center and working on handicraft projects. It was great to see so such enthusiasm and interest from the local community.

In other news the garden continues to grow and we are getting closer to our goal of being self sustainable. The recent rain has inspired William to start digging trenches around the outside of the house to harvest rain water from the street.

We are excited about all the recent work and look forward to seeing even more results over the next few months.

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