Volunteer Visit!

This past weekend, a group of foreign students studying Arabic at Qasid Institute in Amman got a chance to visit Al Numeira Environmental Association and hang out with the volunteers.  In the morning, NEA volunteers Wa’ed and Hussam gave the students a tour of the sinkholes at the Dead Sea and the recently completed greywater project at the Zanoubia Girls’ School in al Mazraa.

Qasid students visiting the sinkholes

    Afterwards, the group headed to NEA headquarters for breakfast in the mud brick house.


Following breakfast, everyone headed to Wadi al Numeira for a leisurely hike.  On the way out of the Wadi, the students and volunteers picked up some of the trash left behind by other hikers.  They managed to clear out about 15 bags of trash!  Unfortunately, there was still a lot of trash left in the Wadi, but every bit helps!

Cleaning up Wadi al Numeira

After the hike, the group returned to NEA headquarters for a fantastic traditional lunch cooked by William’s family, before heading back to Amman.  All in all, it was a very successful and fun trip!

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  1. This is not the first and not the last. Al Numeira Association are interested in finding a sustainable solution to keep the Wadi clean. For example, creating a park made out of recycled materials, and cooperating with the local municipality to control the trash and take care of the Wadi. Slowly, slowly… We want to give a big thanks to everyone who joined the event.

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