Update from NEA

The last days we have been really lucky with the weather and the help we have gotten from volunteers from both Sweden and Norway. We have visited the hot spring in Wadi Wadaa and enjoying the sunsets and the beautiful sky that appears at night.

Non the less we have had the pleasure of hosting the governor of the Ghor Al Mazraa, Ahmed Alaonh. While the foreign girls were charming the governor with broken Arabic and cute smiles, a whole team of women and men were preparing a meal worthy of a king and the contract for a new land area in the south Ghor region close to the Dead Sea was discussed. It comes as no surprise that the governor enjoyed his stay and offered both land and support to the NGO project.

The plans for the area is to create a place for research, eco-tourism, expansion of the NGO farmland and off course what ever else is needed. The search for economical donators and like minded organizations has reached a new level as well, with great help from the international helpers and visitors.  Now we are a couple of inches larger and so many steps closer to our goal.

We would like to thank every one one you who have showed your support and let you know we are moving forward in a quite pleasant speed. Best wishes to you all for the new year to come and as you all know, you are welcome to join.

Kind regards from the NGO border. ImageImageImageImage

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