Jordanian Environmental Ministry hike.


16th of May 2014                   South Ghor

Al Numeira received a full day visit from a big group, mainly consisting of people from the Jordanian Water Authorities under the Environmental Ministry. We were very happy to get the opportunity to share our ideas with them and show them the work we are doing.

The team met up with the guests in the morning for a visit to the sink holes outside Ghor al-Haditha. These are clear signs of the acute problem with decreasing water levels in the Dead Sea. As our guests come mainly from Amman, most of them are not very familiar with the area and some of them experienced this issue for the first time.

After a stop at Al Numeira where we enjoyed the garden and tea, we drove off to Wadi Numeira. After a long walk in the wadi, lunch on the cliffs and lots of interesting conversations, the group gathered its energy remains and took a spontaneous tour to the Museum of Lots cave where we caught the sunset from the top of the hill.

We would like to thank our guests for sacrificing their free day to come and see us down in the hot valleys of Ghor. The Al Numeira team greatly appreciates the contact with people operating on a national level and highly values our relations with actors outside of the local region.


Thanks also to the Al Numeira team for their participation!



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