The Area: South Ghor | معلومات عن غور المزرعة

South Ghor

The South Ghor region, located on the southern coast of the Dead Sea, includes the communities of Ghor Safi, Ghor Al Maszra, Ghor Haditheh, and Ghor Fifa. Primarily an arid agricultural area, South Ghor has a population of approximately 60,000 inhabitants, and is home to Jordan’s potash mining industry. Nestled along the main highway that stretches from the northern Jordan Valley to Aqaba, the land boasts spectacular landscapes of canyons, valleys, and the Dead Sea. South Ghor is situated about 400 meters below sea level, making it one of the lowest places in the world!

A tour through South Ghor will take visitors through many important natural and archeological sites, including the Mujeb Nature Reserve, Wadi Himara,Wadi Numera, Wadi Ben Hamad, Wadi Wa`ada, Wadi Karak, Wadi Assal, Wadi Hasa, Wadi Fifa, Lot’s Cave, and Babdraa.

Activities you can do with the DSHC:

  • visit tourist sites in the region
  • hike the numerous wadis
  • learn how to prepare Arabic food
  • enjoy a traditional Arabic cultural night
  • sleep in a historical mud brick house (built by the owner’s father many years ago)
  • participate in workshops and events with locals and international visitors (environmental workshops, intercultural exchange, etc.)

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