Volunteering | التطوع

Countries of Origin of Our Many Wonderful Volunteers

We are able to host one or more  up to 10 volunteers at a time to help us with our projects,for long or short term,bigness experiences or expert.

If  you’re interested in participating and learning about our permaculture garden, greywater system, and other projects, please fill out the form below.  You can stay in the mudbrick house, and we will treat you as a member of the family.

We believe that all people have something to give, so we welcome you to share your personal skills, experiences, and culture with the local community!

Ahlan wa Sahlan! Welcome! Bienvenido! Wilkommen! Bienvenu!

*Please take this form seriously. We receive many volunteer applications, and we need to be certain of the dates so we have a accurate and up to date schedule. If something comes up  and you must change your plans, let us know immediately. Even if you cannot come anymore, let us know – your place can be taken by someone else.  This way, everybody can have a better experience.

You can also contact us by email: neajor@gmail.com


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  1. Al-Numeira Environmental Association would like to thank Shadea, Liz, and Chris from the USA for their generous support this summer. It was a great experience to host them. We look forward to hosting other great volunteers and growing our international family of volunteers.

  2. I was a german volunteer at Al Numeira Environmental Association for about three weeks. The reason to come to Jordan was to experience the Arabic culture. Through the woofing homepage I found NEA and it seems like they are doing stuff I’m interested in. That includes community work, sustainable agriculture, water management and dealing with other environmental issues.
    At my arrival day I came by bus to the Al Numeira site. I didn’t exactly where it was located. But I could see from far a green oasis and I was pretty sure that this is the place. It looked so different than the surrounding area. When I got there I just walked around and I could immediately recognize the idea and the thinking behind the design. Everything felt somehow fitting with the needs for the people and nature. (Then I met the people from Numeira. I was concerned about being a woman and how I should behave.) But immediately I felt welcomed and like a part of the Numeira family.
    The following weeks we built a fence out of pallets. I helped in the kitchen preparing some traditional food, did some harvesting and helped prepare the agriculture zone for the upcoming season. It never felt too much work at a time. It was always a balance between work times and having a break during the summer heat. And there were still time left just for having tea, having fun and get to know each other.
    During my time I got to know the vision and the structure behind the project. I saw how the ecotourism is bringing people to the place and creates awareness.
    I could see how much they achieved in the time they were using the site. How they transformed the landscape by just implementing few things. How they created a space for humans to feel welcome by using recycled materials and how they empower the community for environmental awareness and for creating jobs as well.
    The Al Numeira Environmental Association gives an example of community empowerment and finding solutions for environmental issues which can be easy implemented by others.
    It’s an inspirational project and I’m happy I get to know the place.

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