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Biking and Hiking Activity

Developing bicycle tourism at Al Numeira In August 2017 Al Numeira received 28 used bicycles from BARAKA. With these bicycles Al Numeira has started a bicycle tourism program that can generate income for the NGO and for the local community. The bicycles are also used by volunteers to get to and from the site the... Continue Reading →

Long Term Volunteer Opportunity!

Hi All, as of Nov 2015  Al Numeria Environmental Association has recognised for the next stage of the NGOs development the need for a longer term volunteer (3 months or more). Experience not necessary, the role would be to see through current strategic plans as well as to foster community interest. Private accommodation with bathroom... Continue Reading →

Solar oven

Today we started educational pilot project to teach our students how to use the energy from sun by sustainable oven.

community center

since few months we started creating a community space to shear our activity and building an ecological facility where people can learn from and improving there houses . for example we learn and teach how to manage with solid wast management like wood recycling . منذ فترة وجيزة انتقلنا الى موقع جديد يسمح لنا بمارسة... Continue Reading →

وادي بن حماد

  موجز أنشطة جمعية النميرة البيئية قامت جمعية النميرة البيئية في الأغوار الجنوبية بتنظيم رحلة مسير على الأقدام لمدة أربع ساعات في أجواء الطبيعة بمنطقة وادي بن حماد –غور الحديثة , وذلك  بالتعاون مع ((شركة نغم الأردن للسياحة))  ويأتي ذلك ضمن تفعيل الجمعية لبرنامج السياحة البيئية في لواء الأغوار الجنوبية ونشر الوعي للمشاركين باستكشاف أهمية... Continue Reading →

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