An event was organized for a group of 15 people (both international and national) in order to share our knowledge about both the beauty of the Dead Sea region as well as the dangers it faces. The event started with a bus leaving Amman at 8:00 am. The first stop was the Panorama view point which offers a spectacular vantage point to view the unique beauty of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea museum here also gives us a little history of the area.










After obtaining some background information on the surrounding environment, the next stop was the deadly sink holes, one of the biggest threats the region faces. The sink holes are caused by the dropping level of the Dead Sea. As the salty waters receded, underground salt deposits are washed away by freshwater and this causes the ground to collapse. By this time, the rain had really started pouring but we weren’t going to let that stop us!





After the sinkholes we went to our new project to show the early stages of a perma-culture garden in the public disability center. The children there gave us a very warm welcome reminding us once again why we started doing these projects in the first place!











We had planned for a hiking trip in one of the most beautiful valley’s in the region, Wadi Numeira, however the rain kept coming and there was too much danger from flash floods. Quick thinking and we changed the plan to something everyone is sure to love. We cooked a delicious meal of Maghloubeh, ate and relaxed in the MudBrick building!


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