Ghor Al Mazraa Girls’ School | غور المزرعة مدرسة للبنات

The garden is growing! The garden is growing!

In spring 2013, international and local volunteers came together to build a garden and greywater system at the Ghor al Mazraa Girls’ School.  Al Numeira identified the school as a good site, because at the time, most of the school grounds were unpaved and unused.

The simple, low cost system that was implemented recycles water from the drinking fountains, the wash basins, and the kitchen.  Through underground piping the water is lead to the garden area, where it irrigates the newly planted trees directly at their roots.  The idea is to not only improve the school yards, but to also show the children how greywater can be reused. Students and teachers are educated so that they are able to maintain the garden and talk about the greywater system in class.

After successful completion of this project, Al Numeira now has permission from the Ministry of Education to approach other schools in the region to implement similar projects.

IMG_0038 The completed garden! Sitting areas were constructed using recycled tires and wood.

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